Pirate Island

Are you a budding pirate & want to go on a journey to hunt treasures? Well, what are you waiting for! Register yourself on the Pirate Island, buy your Gears, choose a Map & set to sail ?

Youtube Demo: Pirate Island


AhoyHacks Hackathon aims to bring together developers from around the globe to build something unique on the weekend. The theme of the hackathon & its motive is what inspired us to create Pirate Island. Pirate Island is a land of pirates, developers ( who wanna be Pirates ) visit the island, register themselves, buy some pirate gear, and then set sail to hunt for treasure.

What it does

  • Pirate Island opens up with an Introduction Screen, which gives budding pirates a gist of all the app’s features
  • Logged in Pirates are directed to Pirate Shop from where they can buy their pirate gears i.e everything they need before starting their journey as a Pirate. The shop offers various categories like Hats, Robes, Weapons, Ships, etc
  • On selecting an item from the Shop, the user is navigated to ProductDetails. This screen offers a clean & minimalistic UI/UX to the user
  • The user can Buy products, add them to his Favourites inventory, Check-out. The User can view the Order history from the Profile tab
  • After selecting the gears, the Pirate can choose the Map he wants to explore & Hunt treasure

How we built it

  • The App ( Pirate Island ) is built using Flutter SDKs & Dart language. The Frontend was incorporated with Material-UI
  • We used multiple Flutter packages to give the application a good look and feel

Challenges we ran into

  • Since the theme of the hackathon was Pirates we thought to stick to it completely. We wanted to build something interesting & focussed more on the UI/UX & Flutter internals
  • Until now, we developed a few apps but this time we wanted to go beyond & build something on another level

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

  • We are proud of developing an application from scratch within a weekend
  • Creating a usable minimum viable product

What we learned

  • Gained insights into Flutter internals like Provider State management, Material Page Route, etc
  • Learned to embed Auth0 into a Flutter application

What’s next for Pirate Island

  • We invested most of our time building the UI & adding features to the app. Next, we will be adding user Login/SignUp using Auth0 authentication
  • We will also be using Twilio to incorporate communication features into our application

Tech Stack Used

  • Flutter SDKs & Dart
  • Material UI for Frontend
  • Firebase as Realtime Database



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