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Photon is a cross-platform file-transfer application built using flutter. It uses http to transfer files between devices.You can transfer files between devices that run Photon.(No wifi router is required ,you can use hotspot)


Current features

  • Cross-platform support For instance you can transfer files between Android and Windows

  • Transfer multiple files You can pick any number of files.

  • Pick files faster Most of the apps use file_picker for picking the files. But for android it caches files before retrieving the paths. If the file size is large it will result in considerable amount of delay. So I have tweaked file_picker to avoid caching(android) unless it is required (some files need to be cached). No matter how many files are selected ,paths will be retrieved within no time. (Note:Caching issue is android specific)

  • Smooth UI Material You design.

  • Works between the devices connected via mobile-hotspot / between the devices connected to same router (same local area network)

  • Uses cryptographically secure secret code generation for authentication (internally). Even though the files are streamed at local area network,files cannot be downloaded/received without using Photon. No external client like browser can get the files using url,as secret code is associated with url. It will be regenerated for every session.

  • Supports high-speed data transfer Photon is capable of transferring files at a very high rate but it depends upon the wifi bandwidth. (No internet connection required)


  • Android

  • Windows

  • Linux

  • iOS

    • Coming soon
  • macOS

    • Coming soon


Android 64bit ARM (.apk) Windows (.zip) Linux (.tar.gz)


The source code doesn’t have any platform specific dependencies.But I don’t have machines to test app on iOS and macOS ,if you have the respective machine you can build and test it out.

To build app

flutter pub get packages
flutter run


? Abhilash Hegde

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