Peer-to-peer payment integration to a messaging app using Flutter

This project shows how to integrate a peer-to-peer payment solution to your Stream Chat using Rapyd's Wallet API with the help of Flutter.


Project structure

The lib directory contains the Dart code of the Flutter app, it is distributed in the following directories:

  • screens: contains all the Flutter app screens
  • widgets: contains various widgets which are used inside the screens
  • utils: contains the utility classes for connecting to the Wallet API
  • models: contains the model classes for easy storing of API data
  • res: contains the color palette used in the app


Some prerequisites to run this project:

  • Flutter 2 with null safety enabled (it is tested on Flutter v2.2.3): You can install it from the Flutter website.

  • Setup Stream account: You can sign up for a Stream account at, and get the free trial of Stream's Chat Messaging by going here.

  • Setup Rapyd account: You can sign up for a Rapyd account here, and enable their Sandbox mode.

Usage ?‍?

For building and running this project locally, follow the steps below:

  • Clone this repository:

    git clone
  • Navigate to the project directory:

    ch stream_payment
  • Get Flutter dependencies:

    flutter pub get
  • Create a secrets.dart dart file inside the lib directory with the following content:

    // Stream secrets
    const STREAM_KEY = 'stream-key-here';
    const USER_TOKEN = 'stream-user-token-here';
    // Rapyd secrets
    const RAPYD_ACCESS_KEY = 'rapyd-access-key-here';
    const RAPYD_SECRET_KEY = 'rapyd-secret-key-here';

    You can generate the Stream user token from here.

  • Run the app:

    flutter run