Mpesa Payment API

Android M-Pesa Daraja SDK

This is a simple Android M-PESA SDK to allow you to integrate Safaricom M-PESA API

This version only offers the MPESA Express (STKPush) Support.


Daraja available for download on mavenCentral()


dependencies {


dependencies {
    implementation 'com.androidstudy:daraja:2.0.0'

Quick Start

WIP – need to be updated


  • AndroidX
  • Min SDK 14+
  • Java 8+

Lipa na M-Pesa Online Payment API

The following table highlights the requirements needed by Daraja, as described in the Safaricom Developer API Page

Name Description Parameter Type Possible Values
BusinessShortCode The organization shortcode used to receive the transaction Numeric Shortcode (6 digits)
Passkey Lipa Na Mpesa Online PassKey Alpha-Numeric
Amount The amount to be transacted Numeric 100
PhoneNumber The MSISDN sending the funds Numeric MSISDN (12 digits)
CallBackURL Call Back URL URL https://ip or domain:port/path
AccountReference Account Reference Alpha-Numeric Any combinations of letters and numbers
TransactionDesc Description of the transaction String any string of less then 20 characters

Get the Pass Key Here :


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