Open-source listening experience trainer, Powered by Flutter.



eqTrainer is a Flutter-based, Open-source Listening Experience training app for Android.

inspired by Harman International’s free desktop software How To Listen,
this project aims to bring one of the Training task – Band Identification to mobile devices.

as How to Listen did, eqTrainer is free to audio enthusiasts, those who are looking for way to
improve their critical listening skills.



  • Band Identification Task – based on Constant Q Equalizer Filter
  • Customizable Session – Customize your session from Starting Band to Point Limit.
  • Playlist Feature – with Built-in Audio Clip Editor

Download and Install

Currently, You can download eqTrainer APK directly from Release Tab.
Publication Pending on Google Play Store.


eqTrainer supports multiple languages.
If you are interested in translating this app into your language,
Please translate en_US.yaml file and send it to [email protected].

This is my first flutter project. this project might require some refactoring and refining.
Any suggestions are welcomed.

eqTrainer is Licensed under GPL v3.0.


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