Flutter Presence.


Open Source Flutter Presence App integrated with geolocation (GPS) that can help your company or you as a developer to build a presence app. beauty user interface and have a multi user ( admin and employee ). You can also change the appearance of this application easily or add new features. Using Getx and Firebase.

App Screenshot


You can try the demo (only android, because i dont have mac to build the ios) by downloading this apk : Download Demo .

Admin Login

Email : [email protected] Password : 123456789

Employee Login :

Email : [email protected] Password : 123456789


Step 1:

Download or clone this repo by using the link below and do flutter pub get.

cd flutter_presence
flutter pub get

Step 2:

Rename the app package name ( because this can affect the firebase ) . You can do it manually or using this package Rename Package or look at this Stackoverflow Question

Step 3:

Re init the firebase cli. See Documentation

Step 4:

Enable firebase email/password authentication

Step 5:

Create Firestore Database

Step 6:

This time, we will set up the database and admin account. The first thing that you need to do is add user at firebase console authentication menu copy the User UID. Next, you need to start a collection like this : *use the User UID as Document id role is the important field, in this application there are 2 role ( admin and employee ). Also, the created_at field is using Iso8601String, but you can use this dummy date


Step 7:

Run the flutter app

Step 8:

Change the company data at lib/company_data.dart

About the Author

Flutter Presence is Developed by mrezkys The User Interface are designed by mrezkys

Thanks To

Iconly, icons that i used on this project, created by Piqo Design


Flutter Presence is under MIT License.


You can support me at trakteer Trakteer Saya


Now Flutter Presence already relased v1.0.0





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