Official repo of team Naughty Indian Crew for Hack36 4.0

This is an education platform that primarily focuses on connecting freshers and other students to their professors, seniors and alumini. A zero cheating platform for conducting quizzes.This app will be beneficial for all the students around the world consist of various institute and also various quzzing communities.

Some key benefits:

  • Contact with Classmates,professors,seniors and alumni.

  • Information about institute happenings.

  • Access to College Resources.

  • Exclusive Online Job Listings.

  • Wider Professional Network and  Connect with the Community.

  • Conduct and play Quizzes with live leaderboard.

Table of Contents:

  • Technology Stack
  • Problem
  • Proposed Solution
  • Wow factor
  • Future Work

Technology Stack:

  • Flutter
  • Firebase
  • SQLite
  • GetX
  • Agora SDK
  • Lottie
  • Figma


"Unguided freshers lead to wrong direction"

  • No platform exist where freshers or undergraduate can interact with seniors, alumni, professors of respective institute. College being conducted virtually these days, such a platform is dire need of the new students, so that they can find mentors for themselves and set-up their future goals.
  • A Quizzing platform to prevent or reduce cheating unlike other various platforms is a dire need of professors and quizzing communities.

Proposed Solution:

Problem 1 Solution:

  • The main objective of our hack was to build a bridge between juniors, seniors, alumni and professors of institute.

  • Our platform will help them interact (using messaging and video calling) with each other or post queries in post section under various categories.

Problem 2 Solution:

  • Our platform provides features to conduct quizzes with live leaderboard.

  • Every question is once attemptable and can't be retrieved back after answering once. No screenshot or text copying. Hence the cheating is prevented.

  • Quizzes can be conducted and attempted by students in various fields like academics, job oriented, etc.

Wow Factor:

  • A new post can be saved as a draft before posting it online.
  • All the quizzes are timed, once the timer runs down, the Quiz get auto submitted irrespective of your responses.
  • People can be searched on the basis of the tags(fresher, sophomore, junior, senior) to lookup for mentors or to act as mentors.
  • Disabled Screenshot during Quizzes to prevent sharing of answers.

Future Work:

  • Provide notifications of messages, phone calls, post likes/comments, upcoming quizzes.

  • Categorize people on the basis of their area of interests/expertise.

  • Add an e-library support for study resources and materials.

  • Upload Resume and job listings.