# Nothing ear (1) MacOS Client

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About project

Inspired by this tweet.

:warning: This project is proof of design concept only. Not a real or final product!

There is no bluetooth logic connection to headphones, or other real functionality. Just design and animations.

Start app, device connection Change device
OpenPermissionConnect DeviceChange
Device settings Scan and add new device
DeviceSettings ScanningAndAddNewDevice
Themes, login, settings


  • [x] design and animation
  • [ ] bluetooth connection
  • [ ] more business logic
  • [ ] sign in\up\out
  • [ ] make it official

How to run

Made with Flutter 3 + GetX state management. Without any other 3d party libraries.

  • [x] language separation
  • [x] themes support
  • [x] getx architecture
  • [x] clean code

It's MacOS client, and all you need is Flutter on your MacOS machine. Open project in any editor or use terminal with

flutter run