Nitrite Database

The NOsql Object (NO2 or Nitrite) database is an open-source NoSQL embedded document store designed to be an ideal solution for desktop, mobile, or small web applications. Nitrite provides both in-memory and file-based persistent storage options, offering a serverless and embedded database solution.


  1. Embedded and Serverless:

    • Nitrite is designed to be embedded and serverless, making it suitable for applications without the need for a separate database server.
  2. Simple API:

    • The database offers a simple API for ease of use, allowing developers to interact with the database effortlessly.
  3. Document-Oriented:

    • Nitrite is document-oriented, supporting schemaless document collections and object repositories.
  4. Extensible Storage Engines:

    • The database supports extensible storage engines, including the option for the Hive storage engine.
  5. Indexing and Full-Text Search:

    • Nitrite provides indexing and full-text search capabilities to facilitate efficient data retrieval.
  6. Query API:

    • Offers a simple query API, allowing developers to query the database easily.
  7. In-Memory and File-Based Store:

    • Supports both in-memory and file-based persistent storage, providing flexibility in choosing the storage mechanism.
  8. Transaction Support:

    • Nitrite includes transaction support, enabling developers to manage and ensure data consistency during operations.
  9. Schema Migration Support:

    • Provides support for schema migration, allowing for changes in the database schema over time.
  10. Encryption Support:

    • Nitrite supports encryption, enhancing security for stored data.

Overall, Nitrite is a versatile and lightweight NoSQL embedded database solution with a focus on simplicity, flexibility, and ease of integration for various application scenarios.