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Many thanks to : @Cuberto for the amazing @design
thanks to : @Mert Şimşek for the inspiration with the @Android version


Basic usage

              onSelectItem: (value) {
                /// when you swith from an item to another
              onSearchComplete: (value) {
                /// when you hit the keyboard search button
              onDeleteAlternative: (value) {
                /// when you delete and item and it switchs to another item if exist
              onItemDeleted: (value) {
                /// when you delete an item
              onSearchCleared: () {
                /// when all search items are cleared


choosing the indicator shape (default is line shape):

searchIndicatorShape: SearchIndicatorShape.dot
/// or
searchIndicatorShape: SearchIndicatorShape.line

indicator color:

indicatorColor: Colors.purple

changing the width (default is screen size width):

width: 150

changing the icon color:

iconColor: Colors.blue

changing the delete item icon color:

removeItemIconColor: Colors.black

changing the delete item icon color:

removeItemIconColor: Colors.black

setting the hint text:

inputHint: 'type your text'

... please check the class code for more options

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