Job Search App

A Flutter application showcasing various features for job search and management. This app make use of an API to show latest jobs and provide many advanced features for a seamless user experience.


This Flutter app demonstrates a range of powerful features tailored for efficient job search and management:

  • State Management: The app utilizes the GetX package for robust and reactive state management, ensuring seamless updates to the UI as the app’s state changes.

  • Authentication: Employing Firebase, the app integrates user authentication, offering smooth and secure sign-in, sign-up, and sign-out functionalities.

  • Atomic Folder Structure: The app follows an atomic design folder structure, enhancing code organization and making it scalable.

  • Model-Controller-Presentation Architecture: Adopting a structured architecture, the app separates data models, controllers, and presentation components, promoting maintainable and modular code.

  • Local Data Fetching: Data is fetched locally from a JSON file, ensuring rapid and smooth data loading without the need for constant network access.

  • API Integration: Real-time job listings are retrieved from the Google Jobs API, providing up-to-date and relevant job opportunities.

  • Modular Widgets: UI components are organized into modular widgets, streamlining development and enhancing the user experience by enabling swift navigation and interactivity.

  • Push Notifications: The app leverages the OneSignal service to deliver push notifications, enhancing user engagement and communication.

  • Global Styles and Themes: To ensure a consistent and visually appealing UI, the app defines global styles, themes, and app constants.

  • Scalable Wrappers: Multiple wrappers are strategically integrated to facilitate scalability, making it easy to expand the app’s functionality as required.

  • Launcher Icon Customization: The app features a customized launcher icon, reinforcing branding and enhancing visual identity.

  • Reactive Programming: The app explores the principles of reactive programming, employing them in state management and UI updates for optimal performance.

  • Navigation with GetX: Utilizing GetX, the app seamlessly handles navigation and routing, ensuring a smooth and intuitive user experience.

  • Direct Application Links: Users are provided with direct links to job application websites, simplifying the process of applying to desired positions.

  • Webview Integration: Clicking the apply button opens a webview, directing users to the application website and simplifying the application process.

  • Comprehensive Job Details: The app presents comprehensive job details, including responsibilities, location, benefits, and company information, facilitating informed decisions by job seekers.

  • Save Job Functionality: Users can save jobs of interest, and these saved jobs can be easily accessed in a dedicated ‘Saved Jobs’ screen.

  • Bottom Navigation Bar: The app features an elegant bottom navigation bar, simplifying navigation between various screens and enhancing user flow.


Screenshot_2023-08-14-21-10-37-824_com example job_search_app Screenshot_2023-08-14-21-11-10-135_com example job_search_app Screenshot_2023-08-14-21-11-42-297_com example job_search_app Screenshot_2023-08-14-21-11-52-823_com example job_search_app Screenshot_2023-08-14-21-12-43-255_com example job_search_app Screenshot_2023-08-14-21-12-48-376_com example job_search_app Screenshot_2023-08-14-21-12-56-553_com example job_search_app

Getting Started

  1. Clone the repository: git clone
  2. Navigate to the project directory: cd your-repo
  3. Install dependencies: flutter pub get
  4. Run the app: flutter run


A list of key dependencies and packages used in this project:


Contributions are welcome! If you encounter issues or wish to enhance the project, please open a pull request. Or you can reach out to me at [email protected].


This project is licensed under the MIT License – see the LICENSE file for details.


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