Subiquity Manager

Manage Subiquity for
Ubuntu Desktop Installer

Usage: subiman <command> [arguments]

Global options:
-h, --help    Print this usage information.

Available commands:
  dry-run   Dry-run Subiquity server
  http      Send HTTP request to Subiquity
  status    Subiquity submodule status
  update    Update Subiquity submodule

Run "subiman help <command>" for more information about a command.


$ dart pub global activate --source git
Resolving dependencies...
Building package executables...
Built subiman:subiman.
Installed executable subiman.
Warning: Pub installs executables into $HOME/.pub-cache/bin, which is not on your path.
You can fix that by adding this to your shell's config file (.bashrc, .bash_profile, etc.):

  export PATH="$PATH":"$HOME/.pub-cache/bin"

Activated subiman 0.1.0 from Git repository "".

Notice the instructions above if you wish to have the subiman executable
conveniently available in PATH. Alternatively, you can run dart run subiman.

Getting started

Run subiman within any Flutter or Dart project that has a (transitive)
dependency on subiquity_client.

# pubspec.yaml
name: ubuntu_flavor_installer

      path: packages/ubuntu_desktop_installer
      ref: bdf041ab8184f2c82015abb2da48283dfc614fc6

Subiquity submodule

subiman info prints the location and status of the subiquity_client/subiquity
submodule. Typically, the submodule would be in ~/.pub-cache where Dart fetches
package dependencies.

Initial uninitialized status:

$ subiman info
-90a2bd6f7a754964f1f35028ebf97aa305b29de5 subiquity

subiman update initializes the subiquity_client/subiquity submodule:

$ subiman update
Submodule path 'subiquity': checked out '90a2bd6f7a754964f1f35028ebf97aa305b29de5'

Current up-to-date status:

$ subiman info
 90a2bd6f7a754964f1f35028ebf97aa305b29de5 subiquity

Outdated status after updating the (transitive) subiquity_client dependency:

$ subiman info
+34b621ee6627f85b44317f415b0d78dab9553cc5 subiquity (21.12.2-98-g34b621ee)
* subiquity 90a2bd6f...34b621ee (3):
  < Merge pull request #1173 from dbungert/os-prober-arch
  < Merge pull request #1167 from dbungert/lp-1952603-nonet
  < Merge pull request #1171 from ogayot/bump-curtin-version

$ subiman update
Submodule path 'subiquity': checked out '90a2bd6f7a754964f1f35028ebf97aa305b29de5'

Testing Subiquity

Sending requests


$ subiman http /meta/status
{"state": "WAITING", "confirming_tty": "", "error": null, "cloud_init_ok": true, "interactive": true, "echo_syslog_id": "subiquity_echo.472110", "log_syslog_id": "subiquity_log.472110", "event_syslog_id": "subiquity_event.472110"}


$ subiman http /locale
$ subiman http -X POST /locale \"fi_FI.UTF-8\"
$ subiman http /locale


$ subiman http /timezone
{"timezone": "Europe/Stockholm", "from_geoip": true}
$ subiman http -X POST /timezone?tz=\"Europe/Helsinki\"
$ subiman http /timezone
{"timezone": "Europe/Helsinki", "from_geoip": false}


Sometimes it may be useful for testing purposes to manually run the Subiquity
server in dry-run mode:

$ subiman dry-run --socket /path/to/subiquity.sock


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