Rick & Morty Catalog REST

Individual Flutter application with BLoC compliance on the theme of the series Rick and Morty. List of all characters in the series and search feature that will be available via the API.

Purpose of the project

Through this project, I have better understood Clean Architecture and Application Design Patterns. Using the API (https://rickandmortyapi.com/documentation/) and building Models for Entities, I implemented getting data about characters (name, gender, status, location, image etc.), searching for a character by name and caching to the device. With Flutter Widgets I have created nice UI that doesn’t affect the Business Logic. And with BLoC (Cubit) I manage states of the app and present different UI elements depending on events.

⚡Technologies that involved:

  • Dart
  • Flutter
  • BLoC / Cubit
  • Equatable
  • Third party packages (cached_network_images and shared_ preferences for caching, internet_connection_checker etc)
  • Async programming
  • Clean Architecture (Domain, Data and Presentation layers, SOLID, DI)




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