loading icon button

with Card without Card


Add this to your pubspec.yaml:

    loading_icon_button: ^0.0.3



import 'package:loading_icon_button/loading_icon_button.dart';

Simple Implementation

 final LoadingButtonController _btnController = LoadingButtonController();

  void buttonPressed() async {
    Future.delayed(const Duration(seconds: 1), () {
      Future.delayed(const Duration(seconds: 1), () {

    child: const Text('Login with Apple'),
    iconData: PhosphorIcons.appleLogo,
    onPressed: () => buttonPressed(),
    controller: _btnController,

Properties of IconLoadingButton:

  • duration – The duration of the button animation
  • loaderSize – The size of the CircularProgressIndicator
  • animateOnTap – Whether to trigger the loading animation on the tap event
  • resetAfterDuration – Reset the animation after specified duration, defaults to 15 seconds
  • errorColor – The color of the button when it is in the error state
  • successColor – The color of the button when it is in the success state
  • successIcon – The icon for the success state
  • failedIcon – The icon for the failed state
  • iconColor – The icon color for the button
  • showBox – The visibility of the box(Card)


All contributions are welcome!

Thanks to

RoundedLoadingButton rounded_loading_button https://pub.dev/packages/rounded_loading_button

IconLoadingButton icon_loading_button https://pub.dev/packages/icon_loading_button


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