A social network Flutter mobile application mainly focused on travelers and traveling, named Gowee, developed by a group of students for a university capstone project.

Project Description

Gowee is a traveling-focused social network on mobile application who has a love for backpacking tourism or wants to have a new experience with trekking and adventure travel. This application will help users can find and connect to people with similar interests, make a team, and travel together.

screenshot_home_page.png screenshot_map_screen.png

Technology used

  • Flutter: UI for the users (this repository)
  • NodeJS: Web Server, REST API
  • SocketIO: Real-time Web Server
  • PostgreSQL: Database
  • Google Maps API: Geolocation, Locations, etc.


  • Home Page showing journey posts with photos, number of likes, comments and details of the journey
    • Sort/Filter journeys
    • Search for journeys
  • Sign up / Login or Login using Google account
    • Like journeys
    • Comment on journeys
    • Join journeys
  • Create journeys
    • Upload images from phone library
    • Add milestones for journeys
  • User Profile Pages
    • Follow / Unfollow Users
    • Edit/Add more milestones to existing journeys
    • Accept/Reject join requests
  • Map Screen
    • View journey details
    • Search for location
    • View other travelers locations in the same group
    • Send SOS signal to other travelers

Future Work

  • Notificaitons for likes, comments, follows and join requests.
  • Direct Messaging
  • Improve Performance


Apk Release

Download the release apk for Gowee application.


Home page with search bar demo


Login with Google, like, comment posts, follow user and request join journeys

demo_login_like_comment.gif demo_join_follow.gif

Create journeys and milestones


Edit posted journeys and user profile


Map screen

demo_map_view.gif demo_real_time_navigation.gif


  • Nguyen Phuoc Cuong

    • Role: Backend Developer
    • Contribution: Database, NodeJS server
    • Social:
  • Truong Phu Cuong

    • Role: Frontend Developer
    • Contribution: HomePage,Detail Screen, Login/Signup, Map Screen.
    • Social:
  • Le Ngoc Danh

    • Role: Frontend Developer
    • Contribution: Create/Edit Journeys, Map Screen, SocketIO server
    • Social:


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