Template took from Github project. Foodybite by JideGuru.
For avoiding conflicts changed a letter (i -> y).
Credits to the Owner. Just made some changes to code and added theme changing, Flutter Hooks support, responsiveness and Linting.

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How to Use

Step 1:

Download or clone this repository by using the link below:

Step 2:

Go to project root and execute the following command in console to get the required dependencies:

flutter pub get


  • Navigation Bar
  • Navigation
  • Linting
  • Dark Theme Support
  • Light Theme Support
  • Flutter Hooks Support
  • BLoc Support
  • Responsiveness

Libraries & Tools Used

Folder Structure

|- android
|- assets
|- build
|- ios
|- lib

Folder structure inside lib

|- bloc
|- screens
|- util
|- widgets


It will be nice to answer your questions about the project even though I am not the owner. Feel free to ask what you need.


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