Narad – News App Representing All Dimensions

A showcase news app with flutter and best practises I learned along the way. Of course this is not the perfect example of creating flutter app. so you are welcome to suggeset the better way to do things.

Features in the app

  • Localization using flutter_localization
  • Dynamic Theme
  • Caching the api response
  • Save Favorite Article Locally
  • Clean Code Architecture

How to build & run:

flutter pub get && flutter pub run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs #fetch the packages and run build_runner to generate necessary files [localization, routing ]
flutter run -d device-name #run on specific device
flutter build apk #for android
flutter build ipa #for iOS

Visual Demo


Folder Structure


This app showcases following packages use in production app:

  • AutoRoute
  • cached_network_image
  • connectivity_plus
  • flutter_bloc
  • flutter_localizations
  • get_it
  • google_fonts
  • hive
  • intl
  • path_provider
  • share_plus
  • shared_preferences
  • timeago
  • webview_flutter


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