Created By Sajjad Javadi

Email: [email protected]

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Flutter Shopping app example

In this project I use Getx for State management, Dio for HTTP client and Hive for the local database. Products api is for fakestoreapi. This example learn you how to:

  • Setup getx and sizer in main.dart
  • Initializes hive and registers adapter in main.dart
  • Get data from server with dio and parse JSON to a list
  • Using getx to show data in listview and how to work with controller
  • Save product in cart with hive

Getting Started

For help getting started with Flutter, view Flutter documentation.

  • Clone the repository git clone [email protected]:seljad/Flutter-Getx-State-management.git
  • Navigate to cloned folder
  • Get packages using flutter pub get
  • Run flutter run


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