Flutter Scalable OCR


Flutter scalable OCR package is a wrapper around Google ML kit Text Recognition. It tackles the issue of fetching data just from part od a camera and also narowing down the camera viewport which was common problem. To see how it work in real case scenario you can check the app where it was used Exchange Rate Scanner and here are some gifs from example project.


Since thus package uses ML Kit check requirements before running the package in project.


Scan text from narow window of camera and not whole screen. There are two function getScannedText to fetch readed text as a string, or getRawData which returns list of TextElement consult ML Kit Text Recognition objects as from followin structure from google developer site image. Pinch and zoom should also work:

Note: Wrapper uses Camera package so you need to add perimission as in documentation.


Add the package to pubspec.yaml

  flutter_scalable_ocr: x.x.x

Import it

import 'package:flutter_scalable_ocr/flutter_scalable_ocr.dart';

Full examples for all three options are in /example folder so please take a look for working version.


Parameter Description Default
boxLeftOff Scalable center square left 4
boxBottomOff Scalable center square bottom 2.7
boxRightOff Scalable center square right 4
boxTopOff Scalable center square top 2.7
paintboxCustom Narrowed square in camera window from example
boxHeight Camera Window height from example
getScannedText Callback function that returns string
getRawData Callback function that returns list of TextElement

Use widget:

    paintboxCustom: Paint()
        ..style = PaintingStyle.stroke
        ..strokeWidth = 4.0
        ..color = const Color.fromARGB(153, 102, 160, 241),
    boxLeftOff: 4,
    boxBottomOff: 2.7,
    boxRightOff: 4,
    boxTopOff: 2.7,
    boxHeight: MediaQuery.of(context).size.height / 5,
    getRawData: (value) {
    getScannedText: (value) {


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