Colorize Text Avatar

Colorize Text Avatar is a package to generate avatar based on your user initials. It supports to generate avatars based on your specification or it colorize your avatar by using predefined colors. Enjoy it!


Getting Started ?

It is an easy and powerfull package to generate text avatars for your users!

Let's see how to generate an avatar easily!

Usage of Colorize Text Avatar ?

Here is the only mandatory parameter is text.

    text: "Deniz Çolak",


Parameters of Text Avatar ?

Here is the predefined shapes: Rectangle, Circular or None, if shape is null or not defined the default value similar with Rectangle but not same.

Shape.Rectangle, Shape.Circular, Shape.None can be use.

    shape: Shape.Circular,
    text: "Deniz Çolak"


numberLetters parameter allows user to generate Avatar more specific number of character.

Developer can predefine size and numberLetters, if numberletters is null or not defined the default value is 1.

    shape: Shape.Rectangle,
    size: 35,
    numberLetters: 2,



Other parameters can be change according to your specification.

Developers can extend the TextAvatar model according to their specification, currently below parameters are supported.

    shape: Shape.Circular,
    size: 35
    textColor: Colors.white,
    fontSize: 14,
    fontWeight: FontWeight.w600,
    upperCase: true,
    numberLetters: 1,

    text: this.widget.userdata.fullname,