An Open Source Todo App Built with Flutter.

Project Version List and Future

Task Version Status
Flutter App Setup 0.0.1(beta) [✓]
Task List Display 0.0.2(beta) [✓]
Add Task 0.0.3(beta) [✓]
Update Task 0.0.4(beta) [✓]
Connect to sqlflite 0.0.5(beta) [✓]
Migrate to Null Safety 0.0.6(beta) [✓]
Add Icons for Android 0.0.7(beta) [✓]
Launch Android App 1.0.0 [✓]
Add App Drawer 1.0.1 [✓]
Login Page Design 1.0.2 [✓]
login Page Integr' 1.0.3 [✓]
Change theme Option 1.0.4 [✘]
Migrate Tasks to DB 1.1.1(beta) [✘]
Changes to Fit Web 1.1.2(beta) [✘]
Launch Website for TaskIt 1.2.0 [✘]
Add Task Suggestion Logic 1.2.1(beta) [✘]

Release Alert

App has been released to Android Play Store on 05/06/2021 with the Name : TaskIt . Currently in Review State.