Text Alchemy

Text Alchemy is a powerful mobile application developed using Flutter. Utilizing Google ML Kit, this app seamlessly identifies text within images captured from the device's camera or selected from the gallery. Users can easily snap photos or choose existing images, and Text Alchemy promptly extracts and presents the recognized text.Recognised text can optionally be stored on the device using the Hive package.








  • Text Recognition: This application uses Google ML Kit to identify text in images captured from the gallery or camera.
  • Image capture: Users can capture images directly from the app using the device's camera.
  • Image selection: Users can select images from their device's gallery to perform text recognition.
  • Text Presentation: The application identifies the text within the selected image and presents it to the user for easy viewing.
  • PDF output: Users can generate PDF output of the recognised text, providing a convenient way to store and share text information.
  • Image cropping: Users have the option to crop the selected image prior to text recognition, allowing for greater accuracy and customisation.
  • Text storage: Recognised text can optionally be stored on the device using the Hive package, allowing users to store and access recognised text for future use.
  • Simple interface: The application features a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to perform text recognition tasks efficiently.
  • Impressive performance: Using Flutter and Google ML Kit, the application delivers impressive performance, ensuring a smooth and seamless text recognition experience.