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Flutter plugin for using iOS Pencil Kit.

Note ?

  • This package only provides iOS implementation. If you try use widget of this package other than iOS, you see a Red warning box.
  • iOS Pencil Kit is available from iOS 13.0

Supported Platforms ?

  • iOS

Features & Todo ?

  • Drawing
  • Show/Hide palette
  • Undo/Redo
  • Clear
  • UI properties(background color, scrollability, isOpaque, etc…)
  • Manage drawing tools programmatically
  • Import/Export drawing data

Requirements ✅

  • iOS: Deployment target >= 9.0

Setup & Usage ?

flutter pub add pencil_kit

Available Methods

Methods available for PencilKitController.

Method Description
clear() Clear canvas
show() Show Palette
hide() Hide Palette
redo() Redo last drawing action
undo() Undo last drawing action

PencilKit Widget Parameters

All the available parameters.

Parameter Description
onPencilKitViewCreated A callback for platform view created. You can store PencilKitController from argument of this callback.
hitTestBehavior iOS UIKitView hitTestBehavior
unAvailableFallback A widget for render UnAvailable state. The default is A red box
alwaysBounceVertical A Boolean value that determines whether bouncing always occurs when vertical scrolling reaches the end of the content.
alwaysBounceHorizontal A Boolean value that determines whether bouncing always occurs when horizontal scrolling reaches the end of the content view.
isRulerActive A Boolean value that indicates whether a ruler view is visible on the canvas.
drawingPolicy The policy that controls the types of touches allowed when drawing on the canvas. This properties can be applied from iOS 14.0
onToolPickerVisibilityChanged A callback for tool picker visibility state changed
onRulerActiveChanged A callback for ruler activate state changed


Check example on pub.dev page or example project repo

Contributors ✨

Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

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