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Booking Calendar

Want to make online bookings in your app? Then luckily you need look no further!

With a total of 4 lines, you get a working online booking system where users can track bookings in real-time.

It calculates the cases where there would be a conflict in the calendar and displays them in different colors.

You can customise your booking calendar with a number of additional parameters.

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Check the Demo Example for more Information

 Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return BookingCalendar(
        key: key,
        ///These are the required parameters
        getBookingStream: getBookingStream,
        uploadBooking: uploadBooking,
        convertStreamResultToDateTimeRanges: convertStreamResultToDateTimeRanges,
        ///These are only customizable, optional parameters
        bookingButtonColor: bookingButtonColor,
        bookingButtonText: bookingButtonText,
        bookingExplanation: bookingExplanation,
        bookingGridChildAspectRatio: bookingGridChildAspectRatio,
        bookingGridCrossAxisCount: bookingGridCrossAxisCount,
        formatDateTime: formatDateTime,
        availableSlotColor: availableSlotColor,
        availableSlotText: availableSlotText,
        bookedSlotColor: bookedSlotColor,
        bookedSlotText: bookedSlotText,
        selectedSlotColor: selectedSlotColor,
        selectedSlotText: selectedSlotText,
        gridScrollPhysics: gridScrollPhysics,
        loadingWidget: loadingWidget,
        errorWidget: errorWidget,

Additional information

Feel free to add issues and leave comments on the github repository.


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