Wykop Mobilny (Hybird)

Flutter implementation of WykopMobilny.

Setting up

  1. Requirements:

    • For this app you need to install flutter.
  2. Setup:

    • Enter /assets/ folder and create file named secrets.json.

    • Copy code from secrets.example.json.

    • Replace wykop_key and wykop_secret with your keys.

      you can generate keys here

      Keep in mind, that application uses API version 2. Version 1 keys are not supported and will not work.

  3. Install all depedencies:

    • flutter packages get
  4. After successful installation, you can run the app by typing in terminal:

    • flutter run

      if you want to run production version just type

    • flutter run --release

If you have any issues join Polish Flutter server on discord or Otwarty Wykop Mobilny discord.

Flutter developers server on discord.