This is Flutter example about simple authentication with Auth0 and generate random QR code.

Environment setup

  • Use need to create a .env.development file and fill the parameters.
  • Install libraries
flutter pub get


Below is stack I used and linked I consulted


  • Manage route of app.
  • Documentation
  • Go_router is quite easy to use. I just have stuck with the integration to riverpod. That is a basic go_router usage, though.
  • This is good discussion that you can read.


  • Manage state of app.
  • Documentation
  • In the first time, I used provider but when heard that riverpod is much more convenient, I changed to riverpod. Even so, I think riverpod is not the best choice to manage state. I will try Bloc in the future if I have time.


  • Authentication integration
  • Blog for add auth0 to the app.


QR Code

  • Good post about QR Code handlers.
  • This example:
    • scan QR code and display its content
    • random generate a QR code and save to gallery
  • I also want to try send request when a QR code is scanned. (Just note here for memo)

Result Images

login menu generated_qr_code

scan_qr_code scanned_qr_code profile


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