Flutter Browser App


A Full-Featured Mobile Browser App (such as the Google Chrome mobile browser) created using Flutter and the features offered by the flutter_inappwebview plugin.

It is available on the Google Play Store at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pichillilorenzo.flutter_browser


Article: Creating a Full-Featured Browser using WebViews inĀ Flutter.

Check out also the article that introduces the flutter_inappwebview plugin here: InAppWebView: The Real Power of WebViews in Flutter.


  • WebView Tab, with custom on long-press link/image preview, and how to move from one tab to another without losing the WebView state;
  • Browser App Bar with the current URL and all popup menu actions such as opening a new tab, a new incognito tab, saving the current URL to the favorite list, saving a page to offline usage, viewing the SSL Certificate used by the website, enable Desktop Mode, etc. (features similar to the Google Chrome App);
  • Developer console, where you can execute JavaScript code, see some network info, manage the browser storage such as cookies, window.localStorageĀ , etc;
  • Settings page, where you can update the browser general settings and enable/disable all the features offered by the flutter_inappwebview for each WebView Tab, such as enabling/disabling JavaScript, caching, scrollbars, setting custom user-agent, etc., and all the Android and iOS-specific features;
  • Save and restore the current Browser state.

Final Result

Video: Flutter Browser App Final Result.

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