Flutter E-Commerce UI Application

Flutter E-Commerce UI Application can be used for e-commerce applications on android and ios devices. It contains 10 Screens with a different user interface, E-Commerce UI App can save a lot of time to code the whole Front-end layout. It is easy to attach to your rear end. Thus, your mobile application will be ready with just an API connection!

Packages we are using:

flutter_svg: The flutter_svg package has implemented a picture cache that stores a ui:Picture class. This is the SkPicture wrapper of the Skia graphics engine, which records specific SVG rendering commands in binary mode

get: for routing pages

provider: The provider package is an easy to use package which is basically a wrapper around the InheritedWidgets that makes it easier to use and manage. It provides a state management technique that is used for managing a piece of data around the app.


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