Shapes Outdoor 2

A Flutter remake of shapes-outdoor.

Published at Google Play

Game overview

When the game starts, geometric shapes will be placed at some direction and distance from your current location. How far and the count vary by the selected game level.

You get a task list of shapes to collect. For example 1) Square, 2) Square, 3) Triangle, 4) Circle. You can pick any shape on the map of the current shape to collect, but not those of other geometric shapes.

To collect a shape, walk there so that you are in close proximity to the location and the game will show a count down for a duration you have to stay there to collect it.

You can opt-in to background mode in which case you do not need to open the app to collect shapes, as long as you remember where to go.

Intro screen Select level screen Game screen


Create .env

  • MAP_URL: raster tile layer url to use in light mode
  • MAP_URL_DARK: raster tile layer url to use in dark mode


If it is not MapTiler, the map attribution has to be updated.

Bulid Release


  1. Create android/ and fill in keystore parameters
  2. flutter build appbundle or flutter bulid apk


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