Flutter Votlin App

Flutter clone of Kotlin Multiplatform Votlin App -> https://github.com/sergiocasero/votlin-app

Kotlin multiplatform is great, but Flutter can be a fantastic alternative!

This is a small petshop with a master/detail structure. It lists the talks from Extremadura Digital Day event.

How to build and run

Building the code

  • Use your favorite IDE. Flutter supports different IDE
  • If you don't have Flutter installed, follow the official docs: https://flutter.io/docs/get-started/install
  • If your IDE shows some errors, don't forget to execute command flutter packages get in domain and data modules

Running the Android app

We have created some kind of flavors in flutter app, inspired by this post

Actually, we have added configuration for each flavor in data layer

Probably we can find better ways, but this is only the beginning.

To run the android app:

  • Execute flutter run lib/<main_file>. For instance, to run mock flavor, execute flutter run lib/main-mock.dart.
  • If you execute flutter run, mock flavor is executed
Flavor Description Main file
MOCK Offline version, mocked with a json file main-mock.dart
LOCALHOST_EMULATOR Online version, against localhost, running in the emulator. Json server required main-localhost_emulator.dart

Running the iOS app


Running the backend

Mock flavor does not backend, because we get the information from hardcoded json.


No backend required, we get the information from hardcoded json