Flutter BottomNavigationBar Example .

Flutter BottomNavigationBar Example

Sample BottomNavigationBar Widget Example in Flutter.


Screen


1:Create StatelessWidget BottomNavigationBarExample
2:Create an integer variable _selectedIndex to store the index of BottomNavigationBar
3:Create a List of Widgets named _bodyContent to store the Pages associated with each BottomNavigationBarItem
 3.1:Give the body Page Widgets inside this List
4:create a void function named _changeIndex to change the _selectedIndex variable to selected index of BottomNavigationBarItem using setState()
 4.1:Give a parameter of type integer named index to the function
5:Add property bottomNavigationBar: to the Scaffold
 5.1:Add Widget BottomNavigationBar
 5.2:set property currentIndex: of BottomNavigationBar as _selectedIndex 
 5.3:set property onTap:  of BottomNavigationBar as _changeIndex
 5.4:set property items: of BottomNavigationBar as children containing BottomNavigationBarItem
 5.5:set property icon: of BottomNavigationBarItem as Icon of BottomNavigationBarItem
 5.6:set property label: of BottomNavigationBarItem as label Name of BottomNavigationBarItem
6:Add body to the Scaffold
 6.1:set the body as Widgets of List _bodyContent using the list function elementAt() and giving the index as _selectedIndex


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