flutter-bloc-app-template ?

The project of the empty template with Flutter has built the basic framework to realize the functions of internationalization, theme peeling etc.

This template is focused on delivering a project with static analysis and continuous integration already in place.

style: lint codecov CI CodeFactor License

How to use ?

Just click on Use this template button to create a new repo starting from this template.

Features ?

  • Theme support
  • BLoC pattern bloc
  • Service Locator using get_it
  • Localization using intl
  • CI Setup with GitHub Actions
  • Codecov Setup with GitHub Actions
  • Unit test coverage


Static Analysis ?

This template is using analyzer

Supported Lint Rules

Supported Dart Code Metrics

Dart Lint

CI ⚙️

This template is using GitHub Actions as CI. You don’t need to setup any external service and you should have a running CI once you start using this template.

How to build ?️

The Project uses FlutterGen to generate localizations, dependencies and mocks

Activate flutter_gen using dart pub global activate flutter_gen command if you haven’t done that before.

after add export PATH=”$PATH”:”$HOME/.pub-cache/bin” to bash_profile

Reminders ?

Change name in pubspec.yaml file

Remove anything you don’t need

Configure analysis_options.yaml for your needs

Contributing ?

Feel free to open a issue or submit a pull request for any bugs/improvements.

License ?

This template is licensed under the MIT License – see the License file for details. Please note that the generated template is offering to start with a MIT license but you can change it to whatever you wish, as long as you attribute under the MIT terms that you’re using the template.


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