Flutter app to read passport data using NFC


Both flutter module and android module need to be at the same folder in order for the application to compile and run

1- in flutter module run

flutter pub get

2- from android module compile and run the app


This app is a flutter integration to native android module . using platform method channels and GetX library to pass the data from a native android module which uses JMRTD library to authenticate with the passport chip and send it to flutter module


  • Real time MRZ scanning and parsing
  • authenticating with the passport chip using NFC and reading DG1 and DG2
  • parsing DG2 file to JPEG base64 format which is accepted by flutter


this app follows e-Passport NFC Reader JMRTD implementation


Note that the app includes following third party dependencies:

  • Google Ml kit
  • JMRTD – LGPL 3.0 License
  • SCUBA (Smart Card Utils) – LGPL 3.0 License
  • Spongy Castle – MIT-based Bouncy Castle Licence
  • JP2 for Android – BSD 2-Clause License
  • JNBIS – Apache 2.0 License


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