Explore Blur Effect

Welcome to explore_blur_effect! This repo is packed with demos to delve into the blur effect, enhancing your understanding and application in various contexts.

What’s Inside

1. Common Blur Effects

A collection of common blur effects, serving as a practical guide for integration into your projects.

Common Blur Effects

2. Interactive Blur Explainer

A hands-on app to visually grasp how blur effects transform pictures.

Interactive Blur Explainer

3. iOS 17 Name Drop Animation

A best effort replicate(sort of) the captivating name drop animation seen in iOS 17. it needs more work to look close to the real one which is not open source (obviously).

iOS 17 Name Drop Animation

4. iOS 17 Faded Gradient

iOS 17’s elegant faded gradient effect. by using one of the common blur effect and change it a bit.

iOS 17 Faded Gradient

Stay Updated

I have few more upcoming demos to show (I didn’t get the time to finish them before the meetup)! Star and watch the repo to keep up with the latest demos and updates.

Happy exploring!


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