Emergency Response Mobile Application

This is a cross-platform mobile application designed to provide assistance in emergencies. The app incorporates specialized features for different user groups such as firefighters, ambulance personnel, police officers, and general users. It leverages the power of Flutter, Firebase, and Google Maps API to deliver accurate and real-time information to both users and responders.

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  • Send distress messages with your location and emergency type, allowing responders to quickly assess and address the situation.
  • Use Google Maps API, location data, and mobile sensors to provide accurate and real-time information to both users and responders.
  • Live video stream emergencies to enable remote assessment and facilitate appropriate responses.
  • Share live locations with active responders to expedite response times and optimize emergency assistance delivery.
  • Call emergency numbers according to emergency type, and see nearby locations of hospitals, police stations, and more
  • Add emergency contacts to receive distress SMS messages.
  • Initiate an SOS request with the push of a button, which sends alerts to admins and begins live streaming for remote assessment.
  • View and manage all emergency cases from a responder dashboard, which shows assigned emergencies with the location of the emergency and live video feed
  • Web App for admin to see and assign emergencies

Technologies Used

  • Flutter
  • Firebase for real-time data synchronization and user authentication
  • Google Maps API for location data and maps visualization
  • GetX

Development Timeline

  • March 2023: Project started
  • April 2023: Project completed



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