Color BLoC Drill


Video Tutorial

For repetition

Create new project for Bloc

  1. New Project: create new project, add flutter_bloc, equatable
  2. Flutter Color Container: delete all code below runApp, create new StatelessWidget with MaterialApp wrapped with Container with FloatingActionButton
  3. template bloc files: create event, state, bloc files using extension in lib/blocs/color/
  4. BlocProvider: wrap MaterialApp
  5. BlocBuilder: wrap Container

Configure State, Event, Bloc files

  1. state: delete code. create new ColorState class that extends Equatable. Create final Color color. import material
    1. contructor – change to required
    2. equatable
    3. toString
    4. copyWith
    5. factory – ColorState.initial return pink
  2. event: add ChangeColorEvent
  3. bloc:
    1. ColorState.initial()
    2. ChangeColorEvent – emit ColorState amber

Show Bloc Information on UI

  1. set color to container from Bloc state

Change Bloc State from Button

  1. add new state to Bloc stream from FloatingActionButton

Modify Bloc to emit random color

  1. organize callback function into separate method
  2. emit random color


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