Data Migrator

? Alpha version – Use with care. ?


  • ? The Rosetta Stone for Data. Convert data schemas with ease
  • ? Portable Data. Move data from Anywhere. starting with CSV & Appwrite
  • ?‍? Multiplatform. macOS, Linux, and Windows
  • Asynchronous. A parallel data pipeline
  • ? Feature rich. Type conversion adapters, create & edit schemas, upload data etc
  • ? Open source. Everything is open source and free forever!

Data Migrator can do much more (and we are just getting started)

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The purpose of Data Migrator is to provide a universal translator for data by being portable, diverse, and efficient in migrating and converting data across discrete schemas.

Right now, it is only developed against macOS (Windows and Linux will be officially developed against soon). It shouldn’t be too hard to get it running on those targets though.

To get it running on macOS, install Flutter and make sure to add the flutter tool to your path.

Then make sure to run flutter config --enable-macos-desktop to enable the macOS target.

Clone this repo, navigate to the directory in terminal, and execute flutter run. Choose macOS for the target if it prompts you.


Data Migrator provides powerful and flexible tooling in the form of 3 categories of code:

  1. Schema Representation
  2. A Conversion Pipeline
  3. Diverse Toolchain of Data Origins

Schema Representation

Data Migrator represents schemas in a flexible manner that supports flat schema data stores like tabular data (csv & sql) and schema-less deep data stores like JSON.

A Conversion Pipeline

The conversion pipeline is meant to be asyncronous as it handles packets of data that are streamed through the conversion type adapters. Data Migrator is built to have a diverse and extendable toolchain of adapters to convert any data type to another.

It is even designed to handle source fields that can hold several data types being converted to a destination with several completely different data types. It handles this by generating, creating, and editing the conversion type adapters where you can define exactly what source data type gets converted to which destination data type for each individual field.

Diverse Toolchain of Data Origins

Data Migrator uses adapters called DataOrigins that handle all the responsibilities of the source and destination of the data. The provide configuration, data stream, data sink, and schema validation interfaces.

For DataOrigins that involve schema-less data stores, they are responsible for generating a schema for the data. In the case of CSV tabular data, the data types are not stored in the built-in schema, so the CSV DataOrigin will scan the data to generate the data types that fit in each field.

Right now, Data Migrator is focusing on developing the CSV and Appwrite DataOrigins. After the main features have been built out and tested, the next DataOrigin will be Firebase.


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