Customizable Virtual Flight-Throttle/Controller; VFT: VFT Flight Throttle.

❤️ Built with Flutter(Moblie App) and Python(Device Server).


Main Features

Install VFT

Currently, this project only support Android and Windows. Please download the Mobile App from the release page or Google Play and download and execution Device Server. A complete installation course tutorial is available.

Build and Run with flutter

Build App for your device

# 1. get pub package dependencies
flutter pub get

# 2. generate l10n support Strings
flutter pub global run intl_utils:generate

# 3. run app in your device with flutter! 
flutter run

Build Device Server for Windows

# 1. install requirement pip packages
pip install -r requirements.txt

# 2. build stand-alone deice server with cx-freeze
python build

# 2.1. or build mono msi file.
python bdist_msi