Customizable Flutter calendar inspired by Google Calendar app.

  • CrCalendar widget for displaying horizontally scrollable month view, with events lines over days.
  • date selection dialog (uses CrCalendar widget in range selection mode) with customization of buttons, texts and look of the CrCalendar widget.
Screenshots of example app:


Add cr_calendar as a dependency in pubspec.yaml.

Then import it to your project:

import 'package:cr_calendar/src/cr_calendar.dart';

Usage of CrCalendar

CrCalendar parameters:
Type Name Description Default value
CrCalendarController controller Calendar controller
DateTime initialDate Initial date to be showed when calendar created
OnTapCallback onDayClicked Callback fired when calendar day is tapped in calendar with TouchMode.singleTap touch mode.
WeekDays firstDayOfWeek Sets day from which week begins WeekDays.sunday
WeekDaysBuilder weekDaysBuilder Builder for customization week days row at top of the calendar widget.
DayItemBuilder dayItemBuilder Builder for customization of days cells.
bool forceSixWeek Force calendar to display sixth row in month view even if this week is not in current month. false
Color backgroundColor Background color of the calendar
int maxEventLines Number of events widgets to be displayed over day item cell 4
EventBuilder eventBuilder Event widget builder
TouchMode touchMode Touch mode of calendar.
double eventsTopPadding Padding over events widgets to for correction of their alignment.
OnRangeSelectedCallback onRangeSelected Callback for receiving selected range when calendar is used as date picker.
int onSwipeCallbackDebounceMs Time in milliseconds for debounce CrCalendarController onSwipe callback.
DateTime minDate Earliest allowable date.
DateTime maxDate Latest allowable date.

Base usage:

class MyApp extends StatefulWidget {
  _MyAppState createState() => _MyAppState();

class _MyAppState extends State<MyApp> {
  CrCalendarController _controller = CrCalendarController();

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return MaterialApp(
      home: Scaffold(
        body: CrCalendar(
          controller: _controller,

Usage of CrCalendar date picker dialog

DatePickerProperties parameters:
Type Name Description Default value
Color backgroundColor Background color for date picker dialog and year selection widget. Colors.white
DateTime initialPickerDate Initial date to be opened on dialog creation.
EdgeInsets padding Picker dialog padding. EdgeInsets.all(8)
DayItemBuilder dayItemBuilder Builder for day item in dialog.
TouchMode pickerMode Picker selection mode.
WeekDaysBuilder weekDaysBuilder Builder for row of days over month view.
DateTitleBuilder pickerTitleBuilder Title builder for widget on top of picker dialog.
Alignment pickerTitleAlignInLandscape Alignment of picker title in landscape mode. Alignment.centerLeft
Widget backButton Back button for picker control bar.
Widget forwardButton Forward button for picker control bar.
DateTitleBuilder controlBarTitleBuilder Builder for control bar title showed between backButton and forwardButton.
bool showControlBar Option for hiding control bar. true
YearPickerItemBuilder yearPickerItemBuilder Builder for confirm selection button.
PickerButtonBuilder okButtonBuilder Builder for confirm selection button.
PickerButtonBuilder cancelButtonBuilder Builder for cancel button.
bool forceSixWeek Force showing six week rows in month view. false
WeekDays firstWeekDay First day of date picker calendar. WeekDays.sunday
DateTime minDate Earliest allowable date.
DateTime maxDate Latest allowable date.
LandscapeDaysResizeMode landscapeDaysResizeMode LandscapeDaysResizeMode.adaptive – days cells will change their height according to parent height LandscapeDaysResizeMode.scrollable – days cells will change their height according to parent height as long as it is larger than the cells width. The month scrolls if there is not enough space LandscapeDaysResizeMode.adaptive

Base usage:

  /// Show calendar in pop up dialog for selecting date range for calendar event.
  void _showDatePicker(BuildContext context) {
      properties: DatePickerProperties(
        firstWeekDay: WeekDays.monday,
        okButtonBuilder: (onPress) =>
            ElevatedButton(child: const Text('OK'), onPressed: onPress),
        cancelButtonBuilder: (onPress) =>
            OutlinedButton(child: const Text('CANCEL'), onPressed: onPress),


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