Mentorship Client

Cross-platform client for Systers' mentorship system, written in Flutter.

How was it created?

I really liked Systers' Mentorship System, wanted to try Flutter and had some free time during Christmas.


Mentorship System aims to be as inclusive as possible for everyone. It should apply
to user's mobile operating system, too :)

Work status

Application is a high-fidelity copy of the Android version. It has all essential
features implemented, though some may not work perfectly.

What works?
Almost everything.

  • Login and Registration
  • Home page
  • Profile page
  • Relation Page
  • Members page
  • Changing password

What is missing? (in comparison to Mentorship Android)

  • RelationPage: updating availableToMentor and needsMentoring status doesn't work
  • About screen is basically About dialog. It's very simple, more info should be added.

Occasional UI bugs may occur – in this case, please create an issue.


  • App tries to follow Clean Architecure guidelines. Logic is separated into 4 layers:
    • UI
    • BLoC
    • Repository
    • Service
  • App uses BLoC pattern extensively
  • To communicate with API, Chopper is used
  • To save JWT token, Flutter Secure Storage is used
  • If you find something in code that looks a bit odd, it might be some useful extension method from lib/extensions

Web support

Flutter for Web is currently at technical preview stage. To test this functionality, I created
a separate branch.
I successfully ran this app in Chrome.

web example here

It's neither stable nor works smoothly (yet), but hey, it works.

Unfortunately I was unable to make requests to the hosted dev server
because apparently it has CORS disabled.
Fortunately, it is at least possible to connect to the server running on localhost :)

To use web version of this app with your local server:

  1. Make these small changes to your local webserver
    to enable CORS
  2. Run local devserver


I'd love Systers to accept this project as one of theirs. I do realize it requires
better documentation and has to be polished a bit, but I really believe these problems
are easy to solve.
My dream? I'll be incredibly happy, for example, if students in next year's Google Code-in will continue its development,
improve it and polish the codebase.