License (3-Clause BSD)
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dcat: Concatenate File(s) to Standard Output

A cat command-line implemenation in Dart, inspired by the Write command-line apps sample code.

Command-Line Usage

dcat --help

Usage: dcat [OPTION]... [FILE]...
Concatenate FILE(s) to standard output.

With no FILE, or when FILE is -, read standard input.

  -b, --number-nonblank    number nonempty output lines, overrides -n
  -E, --show-ends          display $ at end of each line
  -h, --help               display this help and exit
  -n, --number             number all output lines
  -T, --show-tabs          display TAB characters as ^I
  -s, --squeeze-blank      suppress repeated empty output lines
      --version            output version information and exit

  dcat f - g  Output f's contents, then standard input, then g's contents.
  dcat        Copy standard input to standard output.

Compile Application


dart compile exe -o bin/dcat bin/dcat.dart


dart compile exe bin/dcat.dart

Differences from GNU cat

  • No binary file support.
  • Line numbers are printed as X: where X is the line number.


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