Fair Files

A FIC (File Integrity Checker) App for checking the Integrity of a file and tells the user if the file content has been modified or not.


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Getting Started

To test this FIC(File Integrity Checker) App, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the Repository: Clone this repository to your local machine using Git.
    $ git clone https://github.com/ayato91/Fair-Files.git
  1. Set Up Your Flutter Environment: Ensure you have Flutter and Dart installed on your development machine. Follow the Flutter installation guide for detailed instructions.

  2. Install Dependencies: Navigate to the project directory and run the following command to install the app’s dependencies:

    $ flutter pub get 
  1. Run the App: Launch the app on an emulator or physical device by running the following command:
    $ flutter run
  1. Start Exploring: Select a file to generate a unique ID. Use the ID along with the file to check the integrity of that file.


The app relies on several Flutter packages and libraries, including:

  • flutter_bloc for state management of the app.
  • file_picker for select and pick the file.
  • http for fetch and post data to the backend server.

For adding any package:

    $ flutter pub add package_name

You can find the complete list of dependencies in the pubspec.yaml file. Follow the pub.dev for more dependencies.

Thank You!


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