Clock App

Mobile application to check the time, set alarm, timer and stop watch with backend support

Technology and tools used ?

  1. Frontend -> Flutter
  2. Backend -> Firebase
  3. VS code
  4. Github

Detail functionality ?‍?

  • Once you open the app you’ll be redirected to Homepage
  • In home page you’ll be able to set Alarm which will be stored in firebase
  • You can navigate to Timer screen to set a timer
  • And the last is for stop watch which has the following fucntionality
    1. Start
    2. Stop
    3. Reset
    4. Continue
  • Once you set the alarm at the particular time you get the alarm notification.
  • You can also cancel the alarm which you have setted earlier.


Local Installation ?

  1. Drop a ⭐ on the Github Repository.
  2. Fork the repository
  3. Clone the Repo by going to your local Git Client and pushing in the command:

Commands to run ?‍♀️?‍♀️

flutter pub get
flutter run


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