Note: We know Clean calendar is still very new, but don’t be put off by it because it will be well-maintained for a very, very long time. It is in the early stages of development. Additionally, you can contact me via email, discord, or any of the other channels provided on my Github profile if you have any questions or suggestions about this package.

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A brand-new Flutter calendar package that enables you to make a simple, lovely, and customizable calendar. It now offers a customizable month view and the choice to display unique streaks for dates. It is actively being developed to add numerous common features, like events, date selection, and many more, so this is just the beginning.


  • Give a list of dates so that the calendar can display them as streaks.

  • Calendar with custom month view.
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Getting started

  • In pubspec.yaml, add this dependency:
  • Add this package to your project:
import 'package:clean_calendar/clean_calendar.dart';


class Home extends StatelessWidget {
  const Home({Key? key}) : super(key: key);

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Scaffold(
      appBar: AppBar(
        elevation: 2,
        title: const Text("Calendar"),
      body: CleanCalendar(
        enableDenseViewForDates: true, // <- Set false to allow button boundary to expand.
        enableDenseSplashForDates: false, // <- Set true to minimise tap target.
        datesForStreaks: [
          DateTime(2022, 8, 5),
          DateTime(2022, 8, 6),
          DateTime(2022, 8, 7),
          DateTime(2022, 8, 9),
          DateTime(2022, 8, 10),
          DateTime(2022, 8, 11),
          DateTime(2022, 8, 13),
          DateTime(2022, 8, 20),
          DateTime(2022, 8, 21),
          DateTime(2022, 8, 23),
          DateTime(2022, 8, 24),

Additional information

Support is planned for these:

  • Complete documentation.

  • Date selection options such as single, multiple, range, and multiple range selections.

  • A calendar option for choosing a view by year, month, or day.

  • Support for dates to be displayed in events style.

  • Dry mode, which optimizes performance for low-end devices by removing or substituting heavy animations and widgets.


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