ChatGPT Application with flutter

ChatGPT is a chatbot launched by OpenAI in November 2022. It is built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 family of large language models, and is fine-tuned with both supervised and reinforcement learning techniques.

Install Package

pub get


Create ChatGPT Instance

  • Parameter
    • Token
      • Your secret API keys are listed below. Please note that we do not display your secret API keys again after you generate them.
      • Do not share your API key with others, or expose it in the browser or other client-side code. In order to protect the security of your account, OpenAI may also automatically rotate any API key that we’ve found has leaked publicly.
  • OrgId
final openAI = ChatGPT.instance.builder("token");
  • Text Complete API
    • Translate Method
      • translateEngToThai
      • translateThaiToEng
      • translateToJapanese
    • Model
      • kTranslateModelV3
      • kTranslateModelV2
      • kCodeTranslateModelV2
        • Translate natural language to SQL queries.
        • Create code to call the Stripe API using natural language.
        • Find the time complexity of a function.

final request = CompleteReq(prompt: translateEngToThai(word: ''),
                model: kTranslateModelV3, max_tokens: 200);

 openAI.onCompleteStream(request:request).listen((response) => print(response));
  • Example Q&A
    • Answer questions based on existing knowledge.

final request = CompleteReq(prompt:'What is human life expectancy in the United States?'),
                model: kTranslateModelV3, max_tokens: 200);

 openAI.onCompleteStream(request:request).listen((response) => print(response));
  • Request
Q: What is human life expectancy in the United States?
  • Response
A: Human life expectancy in the United States is 78 years.
final models = await openAI.listModel();
final engines = await openAI.listEngine();

Flutter Example

class _TranslateScreenState extends State<TranslateScreen> {
  /// text controller
  final _txtWord = TextEditingController();

  CompleteRes? _response;
  StreamSubscription? subscription;

  final api = ChatGPT.instance;

  void _translateEngToThai() {
    final request = CompleteReq(
        prompt: translateEngToThai(word: _txtWord.text.toString()),
        model: kTranslateModelV3,
        max_tokens: 1000);
    subscription = ChatGPT.instance
        .onCompleteStream(request: request)
        .listen((res) {
      setState(() {
        _response = res;

  void modelDataList() async{
    final model = await ChatGPT.instance


  void engineList() async{
    final engines = await ChatGPT.instance

  void dispose() {

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    var size = MediaQuery.of(context).size;
    return Scaffold(
      backgroundColor: Colors.white,
      body: SingleChildScrollView(
        child: Center(
          child: Padding(
            padding: const EdgeInsets.symmetric(vertical: 16.0),
            child: Column(
              children: [
                 * title translate
                 * input card
                 * insert your text for translate to

                 * card input translate
                 * button translate
      bottomNavigationBar: _navigation(size),


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