Election DApp ?

Built a decentralized voting app based on Ethereum Blockchain. Using Remix, to get up and running so quickly with development process, by using Remix, we started implementing the Smart Conract that handle the voting transactions, then we started designing the amazing UI we have and imporove it to be suitable as blochain app. We finally connect Smart Contract with the frontend by using Flutter.


-> Flutter

Smart contracts

->Solidity ->Web3.js to compile and deploy the smart contracts

Testing ->Run on both ios and android

The app requires the use of two other technologies:

->Metamask(to interact with the blockchain) ->infura (to deploy the blockchain to local network)

How it Works:

I have created a dapp a voting tab or an election dapp so what will happen in our application is there will be an owner of the application owner of the dapp or the owner of the election.

Get understanding of the concepts of blockchain, meta mask, smart contract, solidity and all that.



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