HacktoberFest Repository (? Star this repository!?)

This repo is participating in Hacktoberfest 2021.
It is beginner friendly repo and you can do your 1st Pull Request here.
Just follow proper format to get your first PR merged successfully.

? What is Hacktoberfest?

A month-long celebration from October 1st – 31st sponsored by Digital Ocean and GitHub to get people involved in Open Source. Create your very first pull request to any public repository on GitHub and contribute to the open source developer community.

? Contribute to open-soucre and grab your Hacktoberfest schwags ( Free T-Shirt & Goodies).

You need to create 4 Pull Request (PR) to grab goodies.


Not sure how to do your first Pull Request? No worries. lets get you started.

How to contribute to this repo ❓

You simply need to submit your name with your Hacktoberfest experience.
Follow given any one method to start contributing.

⚠️ Important! before getting started ⚠️

1) Contribute via website itself.

2) Contribute via command line interface.

? Live web preview available here : here

? Download Android app from here : here


✨ Contribution Instructions via website itself. ✨


Star and Fork this Repository using the button at the top right corner


Open the cloned repository
  1. Go inside assets/ file

Click on the edit option present on the right side


  1. Now make your changes by adding a new entry below the existing entries in the format given below
    "name": "Existing Entry Name",
    "description": "Existing entry experience here."
    "name": "Your Name",
    "description": "Enter your experience here."
Click on commit changes button present below the text editor
Go to the Pull Request Page


Click on the "New Pull Request" button


Review the changes in the Pull Request and then Create Pull Request
Once you successfully submit the Pull Request,our team would verify it and merge your Pull Request

✨ Contribution Instructions via command line. ✨

Fork this Repository using the button at the top
Clone your forked repository to your pc ( git clone "url from clone option.")
Create a new branch for your modifications (git checkout -b branch-name)
  1. Go inside assets/ file and make your changes
    "name": "Your Name",
    "description": "Enter your experience here."

Add your data as per shown above and save it.

Add your files (git add .)
commit (git commit -m "message")
push (git push origin branch-name)
Create a pull request with label

⚠️ Important

Before you start making contribution make these things clear

  1. Star this repo ( Important for you PR to get merged. )
  2. Dont make spam PR’s like just add dots (.) in the file.
  3. Make sure you add some value to the repository.