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Project by Marlo Fiel Mancenido (X-3L)

barda – a social media app

barda is a social media application developed in Flutter. It uses elements from both the Material UI package and Cupertino package. It connects through the provided API for CRUD actions.


  • http – for CRUD actions through the provided API
  • flutter_session – handling authentication and creating a session
  • intl – certain formatting functions


  • User Registration – allows user to make a new account Registration Page

  • Logging in – allows user to sign in to the app with their credentials Feed Page

  • Viewing all public posts – shows the feed page that shows all public posts (and your friends’ posts) Feed Page

  • Viewing a post – each post has their own individual page Post Page

  • Making a post (public/private) – you can make public/private posts Create Page - Public Create Page - Private

  • Commenting on a post – making a comment on a post Making a comment

  • Removing a comment – press the delete button to delete a comment Deleting a comment

  • Editing a post – you can edit your own posts Editing a post

  • Removing a post – you can delete your own posts Deleting a post

  • Viewing a profile – you can view someone’s profile Before following someone

  • Following a person – you can follow someone by pressing the follow button Following someone

  • Showing a user’s posts – you can view someone’s posts in their profile Before following someone Auth user's posts

  • Viewing a profile – you can view someone’s profile Before following someone

  • Unfollowing a person – you can unfollow someone Unfollowing someone

  • Updating password – you can change your password in the settings section of your profile Settings section Updating password

  • Listing all following – you can see who you’re following in your profile List following

  • Logging out – you can log out from the session through the log out button in the settings section. Logging out

Happy Paths

  • Everything seemed to be working upon testing.

Unhappy Paths

  • Several unhappy paths were caught and displayed as errors to the user. The caught unhappy paths are as follow:
    • Registering with empty fields
    • Logging in with empty fields
    • Updating your password with wrong old password
    • Updating your password with non-matching passwords
    • All server requests that return with an error
  • An unresolved unhappy path would be the pages with pagination widgets that needs manual refreshing after a context pop. (Deleting your own post and automatically going back. Your post will still show up and page will need refreshing to not show it.)


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