You can use Flucreator to create a new Flutter project.
Automatically create a new Flutter project with Getx & Directories. 

? Normal Usage (Project Create)

// You Can Activate Flucreator With This Command Line 
pub global activate --source git https://github.com/Abdusin/Flucreator.git
// You can run like this
fluecretor --org com.abdusin myapp
// Also you can run with command too 
// If run without arguments console will ask details

? Normal Usage (Screen Create)

fluecretor --create=screen ExampleScreen
fluecretor --create=screen Folder/ExampleScreen
fluecretor --create=screen --no-controller ExampleScreen
$flucreator $flutter --create

? Advance

// Only If U wanna create again (for updates)
dart compile aot-snapshot bin/flucreator.dart
// You need to run this for global calling
pub global activate --source path .


?‍♂️ Path

  • Controllers
    • home_screen_controller.dart
  • Models
  • Screens
    • home_screen.dart
  • Utils
    • app_spaces.dart
  • Widgets
  • main.dart

?‍♀️?‍♂️ Contributing

All contributions are welcome! Just make sure that it’s not an already existing issue or pull request.

? Contributors


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