Unofficial Ubuntu Desktop Settings App made with Flutter – WIP

The goal of this project is to build a feature complete settings app for the Ubuntu desktop with the Flutter UI toolkit.

Mentionable packages that we use and want to thank are:

Alpha Releases / Download

Currently the app is in a very raw alpha state and pages are still missing. However if you want you can download, extract and then run alpha releases from the releases page.


The following steps are needed to run the app from the source code.

Install Flutter

Either with

sudo snap install flutter --classic

Or with

sudo apt install git curl cmake meson make clang libgtk-3-dev pkg-config
mkdir ~/development
cd ~/development
git clone -b master
echo 'export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/development/flutter/bin"' >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc

Enable flutter linux desktop support

flutter config --enable-linux-desktop


  • use real yaru icons – thanks to @Jupi007
  • responsive layout
  • MVVM software pattern – thanks to @jpnurmi
  • search
  • WIFI page – WIP
  • Ethernet page
  • Cellular Network page
  • Bluetooth page – WIP
  • Wallpaper page
  • Appearance page
  • Multi-Tasking page
  • Notifications page
  • Search page
  • Apps page
  • Privacy/Security page – WIP
  • Online Accounts page
  • Sound page – WIP
  • Power page
  • Displays page – WIP
  • Mouse and touchpad page
  • Keyboard shortcuts page – WIP
  • Printers page – WIP
  • Removable Media page
  • Color page
  • Region and language page
  • Accessability page
  • Users page
  • Preferred apps page
  • Date and time page
  • Wacom page
  • Info page


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